Who We Are

People's Care Behavioral Health

Changing Lives, Shaping the Future.

Our Mission:

People’s Care Behavioral Health’s Autism &Neurodevelopmental Disorders ABA Services is dedicated to the best possible care, treatment and support to you, your child and your family based on the latest in research and applied practice.

Our Core Values:

We are committed to providing the best support and advocacy possible, and we do this through our core values:

  • People. Putting people first is at the core of everything we do. We do this by:
    • Having compassion for the families we support
    • Providing high-quality training and mentorship for our employees
  •  Quality Care.  We are committed to offering quality care in a safe and supportive environment for all.
  •  Respect.  We regard the abilities, qualities, and achievements of all people through mutual respect by:
    • Considering your child's abilities and strengths
    • Meeting your family where you are at and providing the support and treatment that is best for you

What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA):

Behavior Analysis is a scientific model of how behaviors affect and are affected by environmental events. ABA is the applied use of principles and methods of behavior analysis (such as reinforcement), to create meaningful changes in socially important behaviors.

ABA has been demonstrated as effective at treating the symptoms of ASD and is endorsed by the American Association of Pediatrics

ABA therapy has five major characteristics:

  • A clinical assessment of your child’s abilities, strengths and current needs to help your child grow to their potential.

  • A set of therapeutic goals based on skill acquisition and support to you and your family.

  • The use of ABA principles that focuses on strategies to effectively support new skills, understand and help support and challenging behaviors and help your family on the road to a happy and healthy home.

  • Objective and ongoing data collection and analysis to inform clinical decision making.

  • Parent coaching and feedback on the effectiveness of the plan and next steps toward independence.

What you can expect:

You will be assigned a Clinical Supervisor to help complete our clinical assessment and treatment plan for your child. That plan will include your family’s needs, your child’s needs and any community needs. The treatment plan will include treatment goals, strategies to meet those goals, and a prescribed amount of treatment hours.

Next, your team, comprised of your BCBA Clinical Supervisor, Assistant Clinical Supervisor and Behavior Therapists (RBT) will come to your home, clinic, or other community settings to begin to work.

The treatment plan will be monitored closely, with your input and support and data analysis to monitor progress toward goals. YOU are an integral part of this process.

What we are all about:

At People’s Care Behavioral Health, diversity and inclusion are part of our DNA. Together, we continue to build an inclusive culture that encourages, supports, and celebrates the diverse voices of our employees and the families we serve. Our responsibility to speak out against discrimination, engage in difficult conversations, and learn from one another, continues. We stand by our commitment to be an organization that lives up to the highest ideals of justice, equality, inclusivity and peace.

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