Behavioral Health Services

Throughout the course of treatment our team emphasizes the importance of caregiver involvement in the overall path of care. PCBH’s overall goal is the transfer of programming to caregivers while gradually fading services to build true independence for our clients and families. The success of treatment is dependent on the involvement and personal investment of caregivers to the program. With that in mind PCBH’s approach to care stresses that caregivers maintain their own mental health through available treatment options. In our approach, we view the client as the entire family, not just the individual receiving services.

People's Care Behavioral Health Brochure FAQ - Before You Begin ABA Services

ABA Therapy

Your People’s Care Behavioral Health team will utilize Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in the treatment of multiple developmental and learning disorders, including autism. ABA is the science of behavior used to design interventions that will have a positive and socially significant impact on a person’s life. Your treatment team will be lead by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) beginning with a individualized assessment and treatment plan.​


Social Programs

The groups are designed to promote generalization of targeted skills across people and environments. Generally, this means clients gradually transition from home-based services into social skills groups in order to practice skills in a natural environment outside of home and school. Social programs provide a safe zone of support to navigate social situations and challenges. This results in an increase in confidence and motivation to engage with others. Individuals with strong social skills are more likely to develop relationships, participate in recreational activities, and be more successful as adults. Research has also demonstrated that increased social connectivity helps to combat anxiety and depression.


Caregiver Support, Coaching and Training

That is one question that often comes up when families begin ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) services. The answer is that it is dependent on the level of consistency and participation of the family unit surrounding the child. It is hard work, but it works. We strive to teach the family unit, side-by-side and step-by-step, the specific strategies that our therapists utilize. This allows for a higher level of support in the natural environment throughout the child’s day.